About us

Piano Workshop / Piano Tuner


Take care of all the pianos, of all the clients, with professionalism and disseminate information on acoustic pianos to consumers and users, so that they become more demanding and informed. May all pianos be musical instruments.

In Piano Dream | Oficina de Pianos we are specialists in acoustic pianos.

Whether your piano needs to be tuned, adjusted or repaired; If you want to know the value of your piano; If you plan to buy a new or used piano, and do not know where to start; If you need to rent a piano for an event; If you need to carry your piano; If you are a teacher or head of a music school; If you need advice on any subject related to acoustic pianos, the Piano Dream Piano Workshop is available to serve you and find the best solution for you.

The company was founded by Márcio Monteiro, a piano technician with qualified and certified training, member of AFARP (Association Française des Accordeurs et Réparateus de Pianos), Europiano France, which certifies the services provided and ensures a professional performance according to the Rules of art and profession.

A Piano Dream | Oficina de Pianos is part of a European network of professionals in the technology of acoustic pianos. This community is dedicated to the sharing of technical knowledge and the dissemination of the most advanced methods and techniques, always with respect for the most traditional approaches.

We are located between Coimbra and Aveiro, Curia, in a modern piano workshop equipped to take care of the pianos it receives.